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Most Downloaded 2022

Here are the ten most downloaded titles among our customers. Maybe you should read some of these as well.

Most Downloaded 2022

1 Well, number one is not a surprise because you may hardly remember an annual top list that was not headed by the 7 Habits. Its decades of popularity sometimes make you wonder: Is anyone left on the planet who doesn’t know (or at least: downloaded) the summary? If so – here’s the link.

Image of: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Book Summary

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

To be highly effective, just initiate, focus, prioritize, connect, cooperate, improve yourself and let others win.

Stephen R. Covey, Sean Covey and Jim Collins Simon & Schuster
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2 It’s a different story with number two on our list: Mindful Self-Discipline by Giovanni Dienstmann. A real surprise. Yet, anything but undeserved when you look at how successful the getAbstract webinars and interviews with the expert were and how high the demand was for advice on concentration, finding focus and resilience this year.

Image of: Mindful Self-Discipline
Book Summary

Mindful Self-Discipline

Live your life in harmony with what you deem important, and focus on realizing your potential, goals and dreams.

Giovanni Dienstmann Giovanni Dienstmann
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3 Habits here, habits there, habits everywhere. When nothing else helps, try a new habit! And number three on our top download list of 2022 finally addresses the ultimate work-from-home and lose-your-belly-habit. So if you’re one of the average 60% who make an effort to work out but give up after two months at the latest (it’s only February!), you should take a look:

Image of: Fitness Habits
Book Summary

Fitness Habits

Learn the secrets to improving your well-being by turning exercise into a “can’t miss” fitness habit.

Amaresh Ojha and Subhra Moitra Srishti Publishers & Distributors
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4 Another Covey! But this time, the other one. The trust Covey. His Trust & Inspire stormed up the download charts immediately after its release because if there’s one essential thing in the hybrid workplace, it’s trust among the workforce. Yet, in our exclusive interview, Stephen M.R. Covey reveals that trust alone won’t do for the time to come. Get inspired here.

Image of: Trust & Inspire
Book Summary

Trust & Inspire

Replace command and control with “Trust & Inspire” – a leadership philosophy with purpose.

Stephen M.R. Covey Simon & Schuster
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5 Don A. Moore’s Perfectly Confident is a highly interesting book on the subject of over- and underconfidence and all the terrible consequences resulting from a poor balance of the two. In terms of content and presentation, it would have deserved first place. However, as Moore explains, quick gains and successes tend to lead to hubris. Seen in this light, fifth place on a list of ten is precisely what suits the book.

Image of: Perfectly Confident
Book Summary

Perfectly Confident

Overconfidence and underconfidence are destructive. Here’s why and how to find the sweet spot in between.

Don A. Moore HarperBusiness
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6 “Leaders stay positive,” writes Byron Morrison. This takeaway from Think Like A CEO alone was arguably more necessary in 2022 than it has ever been – and it will remain relevant in 2023. The same applies to sentences like “You are never going to be in complete control of what’s going on around you, but the one thing you can always control is how you choose to respond to it.” and “Momentum is not linear… at times you can have huge growth… at other times despite doing everything right, you can become stagnant.” Those looking for more of the same will not be disappointed – and, of course, the book is not aimed at CEOs in particular but at anyone who wants to persevere, think clearly, and maintain the necessary oversight.

Image of: Think Like A CEO
Book Summary

Think Like A CEO

Overwhelmed CEOs run scared. “Evolved” and efficient CEOs get on with the job.

Byron Morrison Byron Morrison
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7 Who would have thought that a book by a psychologist would become a long-term hit among the top downloads at getAbstract? Thinking Fast and Slow by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman made it. Because the 500-page-tome tells you what makes us tick. And from this perspective, thinking “like a CEO” is okay. Yet understanding that each of us, whether CEO or intern, makes the same stupid thinking mistakes empowers us to tick better! By the way, here’s everything you need to know about Kahneman’s latest book, Noise, which builds on this classic and won the getAbstract International Book Award in 2021.

Image of: Thinking, Fast and Slow
Book Summary

Thinking, Fast and Slow

“Two systems” vie for control of your mind, and “two selves” decide your happiness. Can all four of you ever get along?

Daniel Kahneman Farrar, Straus & Giroux
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8 Ah, Habits! Did we mention the popularity of habits already? But don’t skip right away: With Simple Habits for Complex Times, Jennifer Garvey Berger and Keith Johnston present a challenging series of recommendations that will make you think until it hurts. Having learned how to do this correctly with the books above, you can practice immediately by putting your head to its toes with this handy booklet – which was our top download during the pandemic.

Image of: Simple Habits for Complex Times
Book Summary

Simple Habits for Complex Times

A challenging but convincing prescription for survival in a disruptive, volatile and uncertain world.

Keith Johnston and Jennifer Garvey Berger Stanford UP
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9 These days, many leaders and managers realize they can’t influence their colleagues’ actions and choices. They sense that people don’t respect them enough, but they don’t know what to do about it. As Bill Berman and George Bradt point out in Influence and Impact, those who are to be led aren’t responsible in most cases – instead, it’s due to the wrong priorities of the leaders themselves. Here’s how to devise a plan to increase effectiveness:

Image of: Influence and Impact
Book Summary

Influence and Impact

Many leaders don’t get the esteem they deserve because they don’t energize the purpose of their career.

Bill Berman and George Bradt Wiley
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And while you’re at it, 10, remember: Leaders must decide whether to be fix-it champs or to help their team members develop their problem-solving skills. In The Manager’s Dilemma, executive coach Irial O’Farrell advocates the second choice: Teach your employees to handle problems as they surface so you can focus on your immediate and ongoing managerial tasks. 2023 will most likely be the year that managers learn this skill because the complexity of functions in companies is increasing to such an extent that they no longer have any chance of doing it all themselves. They can still choose whether they want to tackle the issue proactively – or have to deal with it the hard way and under additional pressure.

Image of: The Manager’s Dilemma
Book Summary

The Manager’s Dilemma

Managers are great problem-solvers. But when they fix problems, they aren’t managing.

Irial O’Farrell Irial O’Farrell
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