L&D in Action is a podcast for learning leaders whose goal is to create a culture of learning within their organization.

Each episode features conversations on how learning and development can maximize your employees’ potential, keep them engaged and have some fun along the way.


We’ll speak with CLOs, instructional designers, executive coaches, HR leaders, consultants and more.

If you’re looking for the best ways to turn learning into action, empower your employees, and boldly drive your organization into the future, this is the community for you.



Tyler Lay is getAbstract’s social media and influencer marketing manager. Before getAbstract, Tyler served as Content Coordinator of MentorBox, hosting the MentorBox podcast and producing video courses with global business leaders. Tyler can also be seen delivering short business lessons on getAbstract's social media.


Learning-Based Work

Rachel Fichter has spent years studying the relationship between learning and work, both as a learning practitioner and as an academic. She describes an industrial future that rethinks the hierarchies and management practices that currently characterize our professional lives. Can we progress from leadership that is focused on individuals, to leadership that relies on the collective capabilities of a diverse group of people?

The (Dis)Comfort Quotient

Through a nearly 40-year career since being put “suddenly in charge,” as a 24-year old executive, Roberta Matuson has written 7 books, spanning the topics of leadership, attracting and keeping talent, and feedback and communication. She shares insights on turning the discomfort of challenging work relationships into thriving team cohesion and performance.

DevLearn 2023 Recap

Each year at DevLearn, tens of thousands of learning professionals gather to share insights with each other and explore what’s new in ed tech. This year, your host joined the getAbstract booth in Las Vegas, meeting with dozens of L&D practitioners. To discuss some key learnings from the event, getAbstract’s Head of Sales, America, Danielle Goodrum joins the show this week.

The Happiness Quotient

Author of Career Self-Care Minda Zetlin joins us this week to explain how organizations and their employees can double down on genuine wellbeing for all by refocusing on what matters most and stepping back from toxic competitive tendencies. Minda’s approach centers the principles of hard work while forcing us to reconsider platitudes like work-life balance and pursuing one’s passion.

The Power Quotient

Shelmina Babai Abji broke many barriers when she rose through the ranks at IBM, ultimately achieving the title of Director of Sales and overseeing $1 Billion in annual revenue. Along the way, there were many instances where she was the only woman in the room. She describes how women can advance their careers and become leaders through intentionality and by delivering unique value.

Getting The Brain Right

There’s more that we don’t understand about the brain than we do understand. But that doesn’t mean we can’t capitalize on what we have been able to glean through neuroscience and psychological studies over the years. To help us do just that on the perpetual journey to becoming better learners (and educators), Lauren Waldman, the Learning Pirate joins this week’s episode.

AI-enabled Recruiting

Talent intelligence platforms such as Loxo have been helping recruiters turn seemingly limitless data on candidates into simplified and expedited recruiting decisions. This week, we speak with Sam Kuehnle, VP of Marketing at Loxo, about the benefits of talent intelligence, and how to get optimize, expedite, and improve the recruitment process with this technology.

New Digital Transformation

According to this week’s guest Steven Miller, the answer to ensuring sustainable work in an AI-enabled world is the virtuous cycle of automation AND augmentation. For the last two decades, he has been deeply involved in digital transformations within academic, government, and industry arenas, working with teams in IT, L&D, R&D, executive leadership, and more.

The Real-world Impact of AI

What industries and aspects of our day-to-day lives will artificial intelligence impact most? Will we become more productive individuals? How do we learn the proper methods of human-machine collaboration? This week, getAbstract CEO Thomas Bergen and Filtered CEO Marc Zao-Sanders join the show to discuss AI’s impact on education, work, and our lives at large.

Unknown Future Jobs

There’s a plethora of technologies on the horizon we can’t even begin to fathom just yet. So, how can we be sure our kids are learning effectively for such an unpredictable future, where work will look radically different from what it is today? This week, Martin Holecko joins us to offer some his expert insight from decades working in technology, and organizing educational events for youth.

Regenerative Systems

What if our calling, our “essence” as components of a greater societal whole, was a more holistic picture than the jobs we do, or the problems our organizations solve for others? Carol Sanford demonstrates how questioning everything we know is the only way to build sustainable business, develop integrated relationships, and do work we were truly meant to do.

Personalized Learning Tech

Especially at larger companies, there’s a plethora of opportunities for collaborative learning among employees who don’t typically work with each other. Mentorships, skill exchanges, and peer-to-peer feedback opportunities can be capitalized upon with the right tools. Helen Marshall describes how ed tech can help us create personalized social learning experiences.

Conscious Change Management

With a new era of technology squarely in front of us, and a global pandemic directly behind, it can feel like our organizations MUST embrace radical change if they expect to thrive. While this generally true, Consultant Erin Shearer has some words of caution and recommendations for change management drawn from more than a decade helping companies undergo major evolutions.

Becoming Coachable

Remaining coachable while in a position of leadership is one of the quintessential traits of all successful leaders. This week’s guest, Kevin Wilde, has more than 30 years leading leaders at world-renowned organizations to prove it. He shares his insights as to how we can ensure our leaders maintain the learning mindset that enabled their advancement in the first place.

Clear is Kind

Work doesn’t happen in a social vacuum. In fact, it becomes more clear by the day that sustained changes to behavior, power structures, and policy are all necessary to pursue true equity in the workplace–much like in society at large. But how do we ensure any education or solutions we deliver actually have long-term impact? To answer this, Rachel Lauren offers insight from the frontlines of real-world advocacy and consultancy.

Highlight Episode I

So far on L&D in Action, we’ve featured Learning and Development legends, renowned futurists, global leadership consultants, visionary content creators, and bestselling authors. We look back at the hottest takes on the changing nature of L&D roles, the unprecedented pace of technological progress, and what leaders must do to adapt to an ever-evolving world of work.

Better Bosses

When a business has so many moving parts, overwhelm can easily get in the way of effective leadership. Among the most important ingredients to improving are feedback loops that offer truthful insight on the impact you have on your reports. If you have this, according to this week’s guest, global keynote speaker and author Michelle Gibbings, you can take the steps necessary for long-term improvement as a leader.

The Cognitive Mosaic

Sure, a team that gets along well and shares a set of values is likely to be happy and productive. But a lack of perspective also means such a team will struggle to innovate and grow. So, how do we build teams that thrive by the virtue of cognitive diversity? This week, Shane Snow is here to share insights from a fascinating career that includes building high-performing teams around 3 successful startups.

B-Suite Influence

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume of information we are exposed to. Our devices and social media keep us constantly plugged in, and the pace of work only seems to increase with new tech. As leaders, how do we rise above the noise, and ensure that our impact is recognized? To help answer that question, we’re joined by Rebecca Houghton, founder of BoldHR and 25-year veteran of leadership development.

Onboarding Curiosity

There’s a small but significant chance that someone you’ve onboarded at your company… will become its next CEO. After all, don't we teach employees in hopes that they reach their greatest potential? To help us craft learning programs that treat all new starters as future CEOs, we’re joined this week by Toby Newman, who serves as head of onboarding, wellbeing and learning tech at CH Robinson.

Swear By Your People

Those who feel a sense of safety and trust around their colleagues tend to have greater success in their collaborations… and they’re more likely to swear. Why? Because they’re comfortable with each other. As a leader, how can you get your team feeling that level of cohesion and rapport (swearing optional)? Adrian Baillargeon is here to offer his insight from 20 years working with corporate and sports clients all over the world.

The State of L&D

What will be hot in L&D in 2023? What challenges will learning leaders face this year? If you’re an L&D pro, you may have answered a survey asking these exact questions. They come from Donald Taylor’s indispensable L&D Global Sentiment Survey. This week, we discuss with Don his findings from 4,000 respondents, covering the challenge of tightened budgets, burgeoning tech, showing a learning ROI and much more.

Motivating Learners

Let’s admit it: Not every training and course we make is getting our learners to jump out of their seats in excitement. But by peering deeper into the psychology of our learners, we can invite them to craft their own story around their development. To explain the power of gamification to boost learner motivation, consultant, speaker and author Karl Kapp joins us on the show this week.

Learning about Learning

Organizations have a responsibility to their people to create a sustainable future, both in terms of the world we live in, and the careers they create. To discuss how leaders can craft such a future through learning, we speak with author, work futurist, and VP – Head of Talent Development at Zurich NA, Teri Hart. Teri describes the major barriers to learning, and explains how leaders can help the people in their companies overcome them.

Inspiring Confidence

In this episode of L&D in Action, we speak with coach, speaker and author of Quick Confidence, Selena Rezvani. As a consultant to the Fortune 500, Selena trains some of the brightest minds in business on self-advocacy and inclusive leadership behaviors. Today, we address growing mental health issues among workers, for which Selena prescribes a revitalized brand of warmth-first leadership.

Content for Modern Learners

When it comes to self-development, financial, legal and lifestyle tips, more and more people flock to TikTok. The revolutionary rise in accessibility of video content means that anyone can influence and educate, and new social media is impacting how we all learn. Vanessa Alzate, Founder and CEO of Anchored Training, believes that L&D practitioners have much to learn from these burgeoning styles, starting with authenticity, flexibility and fun.

Domino Effect Leadership

In this episode of L&D in Action, we speak with Jon Westover. Jon is a Department Chair at Utah Valley University’s Woodbury School of Business, as well as the host of the top 0.1%-ranked podcast Human Capital Innovations. He addresses the challenges that people leaders feel during this tumultuous time that has employees struggling to feel the psychological safety necessary within a thriving creative and agile business.

The Technology Question

The onslaught of new technology, especially in this age of AI, creates numerous challenges for every business leader. When do we adopt these cutting-edge, often untested tools? How can we us them in a way that best supports our organizational goals and people? To answer these questions, look no further than Christopher Lind, who has dedicated his career to finding the "healthy center" of integrating technology with human operations.

Authentic Leadership

Great leaders are comfortable in their own skin. An authentic leader brings their truest self to the workplace, and, through their actions, encourages their team to so as well. But it’s one of the hardest times to be a leader, with the 21st century being driven by decentralization and rapid change. Our guest today, Bill Treasurer, shares insights from 20+ years in consulting that will help new and old leaders alike navigate this volatile world of business.

Coaching for Problem-Solving

Most managers share one key trait: They are superb problem solvers. This is good… until solving problems becomes the bulk of one’s work. Leaders must have space to focus on innovation and growth. So, it's critical that managers teach their people to be self-sufficient problem-solvers. Irial O'Farrell has an 8-step problem-solving framework and insights from nearly two decades of consulting to help make this a reality at your organization.

Reframing L&D

Nigel Paine believes that we are in the "Century of People." As organizations grapple with what it means to be wholly supportive of their employees during a tumultuous time, it is Learning and Development practitioners who have the key to the future. By activating the full potential of ALL employees through learning, organizations increase their problem-solving creativity tenfold.


Michelle Weise is an author, advisor, and founder of the education consultancy Rise and Design. Few organizations are preparing their employees to learn at the rate needed to keep them on par with new tech. Michelle offers guidance as to how leaders can develop "learning and earning" ecosystems to get people ready for jobs of the future.


Michael Lee Stallard is an executive coach and author of Connection Culture. Mike had an illustrious finance career before leaving Wall Street to become a coach and consultant. He believes the power of interpersonal connection is the single most important force in creating effective, thriving organizations.


Ravin Jesuthasan is a consultant, researcher, futurist and co-author of Work Without Jobs. A thought leader on work in the face of AI and automation, his scholarship proposes a radical re-envisioning of the workplace where impactful adoption of new automation goes hand-in-hand with thriving careers for employees.


Simon Brown is the Chief Learning Officer at Novartis and co-author of The Curious Advantage. He launched an initiative that gave all 105,000 Novartis employees around 100 hours of learning per year, about 5% of their time at work. He believes in fostering curiosity as a key catalyst to a learning culture that accelerates your organization.