Our getAbstract Guides take you through what you need to know about relevant workplace topics. The summary recommendations included in each guide enable you to explore the aspects that interest you most in greater depth.

– 2022 –

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Coach to Lead

In recent years, coaching has become more popular than any other developmental technique.

This guide discusses the twelve best coaching practices for nurturing talent.

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Hybrid Working

Hybrid work arrangements, if done right, maximize the benefits of in-person collaboration and undisrupted focus time.

The advice offered in this guide will get you started.

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L&D Survey 2022

Learning expert Donald H. Taylor's Global Sentiment Survey 2022, co-sponsored by getAbstract, asked thousands of L&D professionals: What will be hot in workplace L&D in the coming year?

Download the survey to find out.

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getAbstract Brochure

An integral component of a modern learning ecosystem is access to relevant knowledge and perspectives.

Find out how getAbstract's customizable solution makes practical knowledge accessible in the flow of work.

– 2021 –

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Build a Learning Culture in 5 Steps

How do you nurture a culture of continuous learning?

This guide introduces you to five best practices for fostering a company culture where learning in the flow of work becomes second nature.

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Content First! A Guide for L&D Leaders

Providing learners with the right content is one key L&D challenge. Making sure useful knowledge is seamlessly accessible in the flow of work is another one.

This guide takes you through a series of common L&D pain points and discusses how getAbstract can support your learning culture.

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Job Crafting: Take Charge

While you may not be able to change the fixed parameters of your job, you can change the way you approach your tasks.

This guide introduces you to the many ways you can enrich your work experience and hone valuable skills.