Resilient Leader, Resilient Team

An agile organization responds to whatever changes the marketplace throws at it. But ironically, navigating change smoothly requires consistency.

Rapid technological changes combined with social uncertainties and the need to respond to a global pandemic make adaptability, flexibility and resilience highly prized skills for both individuals and companies. The most successful companies know how to quickly harness their resources in response to constantly shifting circumstances.

Ironically, navigating change smoothly requires consistency. While work responsibilities, schedules and even locations may change with ever-evolving technologies, it’s critical to build flexible, resilient teams around core values – expressed in a mission statement – and company-wide goals. This fosters transparency about what companies expect from their employees and the values they reward. It’s the foundation of trust which makes managing risk possible.

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Life’s tough. Here’s how to weather life’s storms and keep going.

Encourage a “fertile” work environment by nurturing the autonomous contributions of employees while at the same time motivating them around specific organizational goals and solutions. Set measurable targets along the way. Build agility into your corporate structure by making team-building and feedback loops part of your workplace culture.

Here is how to do so:

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