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Improve Company Culture by Instilling a Learning Mindset

Workplace learning creates not just a better-informed but a better-connected workforce.

Improve Company Culture by Instilling a Learning Mindset

“Learning powers culture” – this is one of the takeaways from LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report.

New skills are crucial, but the concept of learning encompasses much more. Learning is about developing a mindset of being curious, of seeing challenges as opportunities and of cultivating an openness to learn from others.

Creating an inviting learning ecosystem instills values, practices and processes that encourage employees to speak up, stretch their comfort zones and be themselves. Such a culture makes firms more innovative places where people ask questions and listen to each other.

Learning lights up company culture by nurturing collaboration, cooperation and trust.

2022 Workplace Learning Report, LinkedIn
Image of: 2022 Workplace Learning Report
Article Summary

2022 Workplace Learning Report

Organizations undergoing rapid workplace transformations currently find themselves in a “Great Reshuffle.”

LinkedIn LinkedIn Learning
Read Summary

Here are three ways in which organizational learning can be a catalyst for a thriving company culture:

Learning Builds Confidence

Psychological safety forms the basis of a thriving work culture. Innovation can only happen in a work environment where people can express their creativity and desire to break new ground without the fear of sounding “crazy.” The learning space can provide a safe space for people to test the waters. Learning a new skill or venturing out into new areas of knowledge are an excellent way for employees to stretch their comfort zone and develop confidence in their abilities. A psychologically safe learning environment reassures employees that asking questions and trying out new ideas is safe – which will encourage employees to take this newfound confidence outside the learning space and into the workplace.

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The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

Unleash your employees’ untapped potential by offering them the freedom to learn, engage and innovate.

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Image of: The Curious Advantage
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The Curious Advantage

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Paul Ashcroft, Simon Brown and Garrick Jones Laiki Publishing Read Summary
Image of: Mindset
Book Summary


People can be of two minds: fixed and flexible. In a changing world, flexible is better for relationships and growth.

Carol S. Dweck Random House Read Summary

Learning Breaks Down Silos

People like to learn from each other. An effective learning ecosystem includes collaborative tools to leverage peer-to-peer learning. It encourages knowledge sharing on a centralized virtual platform or a dedicated channel on Teams or Slack. Team members may share their expertise within the organization with videos, internal podcasts and social media posts. Sharing knowledge creates a better-informed a better-connected workforce. Collaborative learning can help break down silos and promote fluid and meaningful discussion across the organization.

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The Expertise Economy

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Image of: The Right Kind of Crazy
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The Right Kind of Crazy

A Jet Propulsion Lab engineer describes the role of teamwork and leadership in landing a rover on Mars.

Adam Steltzner and William Patrick Portfolio Read Summary

Learning Promotes Inclusion

A thriving company culture is an inclusive company culture. To feel they fully belong, people must be able bring their full selves to work. This includes all aspects of their personal lives: parenthood, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, veteran status and disability. The learning space can act as a training ground for practicing inclusivity. Organizing book club-type group discussions on a topic of interest, for example, can be a great way for co-workers to get to know each other better and gain a greater appreciation for the viewpoints and experiences of people with different backgrounds.

Indeed, people are more likely to open up during an informal group discussion than in a team meeting. getAbstract’s 15-minute summaries can serve as a starting point for structured conversations on a topic of concern without lengthy preparation requirements. Learning together strengthens personal bonds and can increase the quality of relationships among team members – a prerequisite for long-term job satisfaction.

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Image of: 7 Steps to Creating a Lasting Learning Culture
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7 Steps to Creating a Lasting Learning Culture

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Image of: Building a Culture of Learning at Work
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Building a Culture of Learning at Work

Companies can’t succeed until employees feel safe enough to try – and fail.

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Image of: Minds at Work
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Minds at Work

A concise, nonprescriptive overview of how to implement a true learning culture.

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Image of: “Corporate Learning Is More Important than Ever”
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“Corporate Learning Is More Important than Ever”

New e-learning offers must be flexible, interactive and learner-driven.

Josh Bersin and Priscila Zigunovas E-Learn Magazine Read Summary
Image of: The Practices That Set Learning Organizations Apart
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The Practices That Set Learning Organizations Apart

An international research study identifies seven best L&D practices.

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Image of: Building Belonging for a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace
Video Summary

Building Belonging for a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Personal life and work life have become more entwined than ever – and your workplace can benefit as a result.

Sarah Lux-Lee Talks at Google Read Summary

The best learning organizations create a learning ecosystem that cultivates people’s natural drive to learn and develop. Such an ecosystem must offer content in a variety of formats, as well as tools that facilitate learning on demand.

Download our guide, Build a Learning Culture in 5 Steps.

For more than two decades, getAbstract has provided easy access to summarized expert knowledge and engagement tools that invite employees to discover, share and develop new ideas; tackle professional challenges; engage in productive conversations; grow their understanding of topics that matter; and build learning habits.

LinkedIn Learning Hub is a skill building platform that allows users to discover the right content in one place, easily access skills insights and measure engagement across content sources, and customize the learner experience with curated learning paths. getAbstract is proud to be a content provider on the LinkedIn Learning Hub.

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