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Do an A-to-Z Scavenger Hunt at Home and the Kids Will Love It

Lauren Cooper, Social Media Manager /
Kids: Annalisa (8), Anthony (7) and Mack (5)
Do an A-to-Z Scavenger Hunt at Home and the Kids Will Love It

How has the experience of working from home with kids during the coronavirus crisis been (so far)? We are trying to make the best of our situation. There was an adjustment period but week two is definitely going better! My kids don’t fully understand coronavirus and just want to see their friends. Their teachers have been doing video class sessions so they can still see each other, which has been great. I pick a daily word or person for the kids to research on their own and write about in their daily journal. Their word for Monday was ‘pandemic’ – I wanted them to be able to understand our situation a little more.

Tips for managing family and remote work: Do the best you can. If you have a super busy workday and your kids watch TV more than usual, they will survive. Young kids only need a couple hours of schoolwork per day, so don’t go overboard. Be creative with schoolwork and projects. Yesterday I did an A-to-Z scavenger hunt at home and the kids loved it. Learning how to bake cookies and measure ingredients is a learning opportunity! Lastly, get outside as a family. Take a walk and get some fresh air – it’s essential for your mental health!

The change that helped the most: Developing a daily schedule. My kids need to stay busy and engaged. I set a daily school schedule with everything from lunch to outdoor playtime. I don’t stress if we don’t follow it exactly, but there are certain things they need to do daily for school and home chores.

Favorite book to read with as a family: Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.

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The Nature Fix

Learn why a walk in the woods boosts your health, creativity and happiness. Yes, just a walk in the woods.

Florence Williams W.W. Norton
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