• Robot Soccer Is Boring!
    Robot Soccer Is Boring!

    AI-powered automation is revolutionizing many industries but for all robots can do, movement is still quite limited.

  • “Here’s Looking at You, Kid”
    Or "Hasta La Vista, Baby."
    “Here’s Looking at You, Kid”

    The latest research shows that if you look a robot in the “eye,” you will display similar reactions as when you look a human in the eye. But trust does not develop in this way.

  • All About AI – Part 4: I Hear You
    "Hm. Not much has happened in the last half hour since I said 'Alexa, I'm hungry'..."
    All About AI – Part 4: I Hear You

    You may be talking a lot to your voice assistant on your phone or that home speaker you bought on Black Friday. It can be fun to engage in conversations with your chatbot – for a while. If only…

  • Bloody Hell!
    "Good morning, Mr. Schmidt. For cost reasons, Dr. Rob Ott suggests we forgo the local anesthetic. Of course, your insurance wouldn't have paid for it anyway."
    Bloody Hell!

    Robots have much to offer in the medical world, and can even carry out operations, but don’t worry: There’s still a surgeon behind their actions.

  • Become a Chef
    "Monsieur Botcuse, can you hold my beer, s'il vous plaît?!"
    Become a Chef

    If your menu tastes like screws, it must have been the robo-cook.

  • All About AI – Part 3: Robots, Robots, Robots
    All About AI – Part 3: Robots, Robots, Robots

    Sometimes you need a machine to perform actions in the physical world. And that’s what we call a robot. Robots need to be able to sense the world and to act upon it.

  • All About AI – Part 2: How Machines Learn 
    All About AI – Part 2: How Machines Learn 

    It’s fascinating to see what today’s machine learning algorithms do. They detect patterns and classify data based on the similarities they find in those patterns.  

  • "Many people are underestimating the pace and scope of change and aren’t thinking correctly about how it will appear this time." (Richard Baldwin; Photo by Tmi Kimmo Räisänen)
    Richard Baldwin by Tmi Kimmo Räisänen
    “Almost everyone’s job will be changed by this.”

    Economist and bestselling author Richard Baldwin believes that many business leaders and politicians continue to grossly underestimate the impact of digital change. Here, he explains how to position yourself correctly in competition with “Globots.”