• Educate Yourself: Coronavirus Pandemic
    Educate Yourself: Coronavirus Pandemic

    Free resources for the second wave

  • “Together, We Can Make Change Happen”
    “Together, We Can Make Change Happen”

    A note from our CEO.

  • Why Put the Coronavirus into Context?

    Only by considering the many facets and consequences of the coronavirus outbreak can we fully grasp its many implications on global society, businesses and individual lives.

  • Welcome to Our Journal!
    Welcome to Our Journal!

    Here is what you’ll find on our new digital platform, why we’re launching the project, and what you can expect from it.

  • “What Should I Study to Be Successful in the Future?”
    This 3 min. read saves you up to 13 hours
    For your knowledge advantage, we put together the most actionable insights from one getAbstract summary (one book with a total of 608 pages) on this topic. If you did this work yourself, you would be busy for at least 727 minutes (about 13 hours). Learn more.
    “What Should I Study to Be Successful in the Future?”

    Meet Florian, 20, future business student