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The Future Is Hybrid

When it comes to office work arrangements, the genie is out of the bottle.

The Future Is Hybrid

Hybrid work is here to stay. But now comes the hard part: How do you make it work for the long term? A recent McKinsey podcast emphasizes that successful hybrid working comes down to cultivating a healthy workplace culture.

Image of: Culture in the Hybrid Workplace
Podcast Summary

Culture in the Hybrid Workplace

The new normal corporate culture centers on employees and requires managers t0 lead hybrid teams.

Bryan Hancock, Bill Schaninger, Brooke Weddle and Lucia Rahilly McKinsey
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For the hybrid, post-pandemic work environment, this means:

Image of: Remote Work Revolution
Book Summary

Remote Work Revolution

This solid guide and its set of tools can help you manage remote workers and virtual teams successfully.

Tsedal Neeley HarperBusiness
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Our team at getAbstract has located and summarized some of the best advice we could find on remote and hybrid working. From the knowledge we’ve gathered, we’ve identified four crucial pillars of successful hybrid work arrangements. Download our free guide to find out what they are:

  • Establish optimal work arrangements.
  • Maximize the benefits of collaboration.
  • Optimize productivity with focus time.
  • Build a work culture based on trust. 

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