Do You Miss the Office?

The bad news: Work won’t be the same once the pandemic recedes. The good news: Josh Bersin’s The Big Reset Playbook: What’s Working Now (and a new online “Office Noise Generator”) might help you to adapt and transform.

Do You Miss the Office?

Josh Bersin’s new report for human resource professionals exhaustively addresses the intersection between work and life in a profoundly altered world.

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The Big Reset Playbook

The coronavirus pandemic reconfigured people’s economic, social and private lives – and changed their priorities.

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The president and founder of Bersin & Associates points out that employers must maintain lines of communication and emotional connection with employees. This should include a regular regimen of meetings and opportunities for employees to express their opinions and feelings, and to provide ongoing feedback.

Companies should listen and, if warranted, revise their processes in response to employee feedback.

Here are the Take-Aways:

  • Employers must communicate with employees and support their overall happiness.
  • People must be flexible and adaptive while remaining productive.
  • In difficult times, nurture employee confidence and a sense of purpose.
  • Companies need to develop a new concept of leadership.
  • Going forward, safety and security issues will become increasingly important.

Make Some Noise

To all those who miss their office (and can’t wait for Bersin’s advice to become reality), the new “Office Noise Generator” from Kids Creative Agency is recommended:

Here, you can set the number of your former office employees, operate the copier and coffee machine virtually and in this way you will be torn away from your home office gloom every now and then by familiar sounds from another world – your former office. Creaking floorboards, table-tennis “ping-pongs” and whispering colleagues included.

Next Steps:
Find out how to adapt, transform and reinvent in our New Work Knowledge Container. Still missing the office? You are not alone:

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