• Bloody Hell!
    "Good morning, Mr. Schmidt. For cost reasons, Dr. Rob Ott suggests we forgo the local anesthetic. Of course, your insurance wouldn't have paid for it anyway."
    Bloody Hell!

    Robots have much to offer in the medical world, and can even carry out operations, but don’t worry: There’s still a surgeon behind their actions.

  • “Sideways Is the New Up!”
    Kelley Steven-Waiss & Edie Goldberg / (c) Christophe Testi @ CreativeShot Photography
    “Sideways Is the New Up!”

    Most organizations still assess employees' skills by looking at their current roles and job titles. Edie Goldberg and Kelley Steven-Waiss propose a tried-and-tested alternative.

  • The Hybrid Workplace
    The Hybrid Workplace

    After the pandemic, there won't just be the office and the home office – but everything in between. Here are five points to consider.

  • Why Big Plans Fail
    Why Big Plans Fail

    And how you can do better than Kodak, Kohl and Communism.

  • #gettogether: How to Manage Virtual Teams
    #gettogether: How to Manage Virtual Teams

    Engineering Lead at Apple and former VP of Product Engineering at Slack, Michael Lopp, offers the tools and wisdom that leaders can cultivate in order to lead in a virtual space.

  • #gettogether: How to Manage Complexity in a Post-Truth World
    #gettogether: How to Manage Complexity in a Post-Truth World

    TUE, APRIL 6: Brand expert Sean Pillot de Chenecey discusses ethical issues of dishonest politics, data privacy, election interference, surveillance, authenticity in branding and the related implications of emerging technologies.

  • Become a Chef
    "Monsieur Botcuse, can you hold my beer, s'il vous plaît?!"
    Become a Chef

    If your menu tastes like screws, it must have been the robo-cook.

  • How to Climb the Career Ladder Faster
    How to Climb the Career Ladder Faster

    Without being a ****.

  • Breaking Out of the Cinderella Tale
    Breaking Out of the Cinderella Tale

    A Victorian lesson on how to take control of your own narrative.

  • Nobody Is Perfect
    "Not perfect, but excellent, Donnie!"
    Nobody Is Perfect

    Although we all know this adage is true, perfectionism remains one of the main obstacles on the way to achieving common goals and staying motivated. Here is how to overcome it.