• Bloody Hell!
    "Good morning, Mr. Schmidt. For cost reasons, Dr. Rob Ott suggests we forgo the local anesthetic. Of course, your insurance wouldn't have paid for it anyway."
    Bloody Hell!

    Robots have much to offer in the medical world, and can even carry out operations, but don’t worry: There’s still a surgeon behind their actions.

  • You’ve Got to Have Heart to Have Art
    "Karen, where are my paintbrushes? And have you seen Bot-i-Celli?"
    You’ve Got to Have Heart to Have Art

    Artificial intelligence offers artists an amazing tool set, but only humans make meaning.

  • There Will Always Be Lawyers
    This tin can won't be making partner anytime soon.
    There Will Always Be Lawyers

    AI can crunch the data, but good deals require wily humans. 

  • Become a Chef
    "Monsieur Botcuse, can you hold my beer, s'il vous plaît?!"
    Become a Chef

    If your menu tastes like screws, it must have been the robo-cook.