“Together, We Can Make Change Happen”

A note from our CEO.

As a European company, we know from our history in the 20th century what disastrous consequences racism can lead to if societies tolerate or even systemically support it. These days, we look with special concern to the United States, where we have many employees and customers, but we also see that racism is a persistent problem throughout the world.

We have decided to act. We stand and raise our voice with those who fight injustice and racism across the world. Cruelty and inhumanity against the Black community and people of color must end.

We believe that knowledge and learning are the first steps to dismantling the systemic racism in our society. We are committed to the urgency of this cause and have decided to share our resources with clients, partners, and communities to collectively work toward justice for all.

All summaries on this page are freely available for the coming weeks. It is up to you not only to take note of the knowledge gathered here – but to take action yourself within your organizations, companies, communities and families. Educate yourself! And then act.

Together, we can make change happen.

This article is part of getAbstract’s effort to raise awareness of the seriousness of racism in society. Here, you will find free resources on the topic which educate and offer strategies to change an untenable situation.

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