• Rough Landings
    Rough Landings

    What a year and a half of home office has done to our physical co-working skills – and how we’re relearning them.

  • What to Say?
    What to Say?

    A reading list about all kinds of conversations: light, naked, difficult and otherwise. 

  • Dealing with Complexity?
    Dealing with Complexity?

    Try collective intelligence and AI.

  • #gettogether: How to Manage Negativity
    #gettogether: How to Manage Negativity

    TUE, FEB 9: Best-Selling Author, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker, Michael Lee Stallard Launches Us into Our Second Season of Understanding People as We Dive Right into the Tough Stuff

  • Job Crafting: Take Charge
    Work Tool DIY Vintage carpenter tools on rustic wooden table, Hand Tool
    Job Crafting: Take Charge

    Job crafting means proactively shaping your job to enhance your well-being. Although the concept has been around for a while, the pandemic has given it new relevance. Part I of this two-part series looks at…

  • Social Capital Is Like Money in the Bank
    Head Thinking Icons Set
    Social Capital Is Like Money in the Bank

    Building a network of colleagues and friends is an essential part of working and advancing in your career. Several techniques make it as painless as possible.