• Photo by Kirill Sharkovski on Unsplash
    Photo by Kirill Sharkovski on Unsplash
    IN THE MEDIA: China Cables

    The “China Cables”, a series of so far secret government documents on the political guidelines for the mass detention of Muslim minorities in northwestern China, has been made accessible to the public. Photo: Kirill Sharkovski…

  • Kai Strittmatter, Foto Anton Turovinin (Piper Verlag)
    Kai Strittmatter by Anton Turovinin (Piper Verlag)
    “We Can No Longer Afford the Naivety When It Comes to China Under Xi Jinping”

    The "Middle Kingdom" is back. But not the way one had imagined in the West: While the Chinese economy is growing, the freedoms of the population are dwindling, says China expert Kai Strittmatter.

  • IN THE MEDIA: The Globalization of Protest

    From violent clashes to ongoing civil unrest, the world seems to have entered a new era of anti-government protest movements. Yet what do most of these have in common? Anti-immigration sentiments are fueling popular anger…

  • IN THE MEDIA: Singles Day…?

    When the sales revenue of Alibaba at 13 billion dollars per hour reaches a new all-time high, it’s “Singles Day.” But wait: Singles Day…? “Singles Day” is the world’s biggest shopping event, even more significant…

  • IN THE MEDIA: Whistleblowing

    For many people, the word “whistleblowing” – a term much bandied about in the United States of late – conjures up feelings of betrayal. But blowing whistles plays a central role in subjugating institutional misconduct.…