• The Revival of Keynesianism?
    The Revival of Keynesianism?

    Is the state coming back strong and big with COVID-19? A reading list.

  • “Being Open and Agile Is the One Vital Skill for the 21st Century”
    Henna Inam / transformleaders.tv
    “Being Open and Agile Is the One Vital Skill for the 21st Century”

    Applicable Tricks That Help Navigate Disruption in the Workplace.

  • Tough Fellas
    Tough Fellas

    Anyone who runs a company today has to take care of good relations, an inclusive corporate culture and all sorts of compliance issues. But he or she also has to be able to make tough…

  • Communication Is Everything
    Communication Is Everything

    The dos and don'ts of successful communication in the hybrid workplace.

  • Bloody Hell!
    "Good morning, Mr. Schmidt. For cost reasons, Dr. Rob Ott suggests we forgo the local anesthetic. Of course, your insurance wouldn't have paid for it anyway."
    Bloody Hell!

    Robots have much to offer in the medical world, and can even carry out operations, but don’t worry: There’s still a surgeon behind their actions.

  • “Sideways Is the New Up!”
    Kelley Steven-Waiss & Edie Goldberg / (c) Christophe Testi @ CreativeShot Photography
    “Sideways Is the New Up!”

    Most organizations still assess employees' skills by looking at their current roles and job titles. Edie Goldberg and Kelley Steven-Waiss propose a tried-and-tested alternative.

  • The Hybrid Workplace
    The Hybrid Workplace

    After the pandemic, there won't just be the office and the home office – but everything in between. Here are five points to consider.

  • Become a Chef
    "Monsieur Botcuse, can you hold my beer, s'il vous plaît?!"
    Become a Chef

    If your menu tastes like screws, it must have been the robo-cook.

  • How to Climb the Career Ladder Faster
    How to Climb the Career Ladder Faster

    Without being a ****.

  • Nobody Is Perfect
    "Not perfect, but excellent, Donnie!"
    Nobody Is Perfect

    Although we all know this adage is true, perfectionism remains one of the main obstacles on the way to achieving common goals and staying motivated. Here is how to overcome it.