• A Word about Bad Books
    A Word about Bad Books

    On the road to curating good books for our readers, we’ve learned a bit about bad ones. Click here for the abstract.

  • “How Can I Build a True Learning Culture at my Organization?”
    This minute read saves you up to 9 hours
    For your knowledge advantage, we put together the most actionable insights from 2 getAbstract summaries (2 books with a total of 440 pages) on this topic. If you did this work yourself, you would be busy for at least 527 minutes (about 9 hours). Learn more.
    “How Can I Build a True Learning Culture at my Organization?”

    Goals: technology-enabled, self-directed, online, social, outcomes-oriented, measurable through …what?

  • "Many people are underestimating the pace and scope of change and aren’t thinking correctly about how it will appear this time." (Richard Baldwin; Photo by Tmi Kimmo Räisänen)
    Richard Baldwin by Tmi Kimmo Räisänen
    “Almost everyone’s job will be changed by this.”

    Economist and bestselling author Richard Baldwin believes that many business leaders and politicians continue to grossly underestimate the impact of digital change. Here, he explains how to position yourself correctly in competition with “Globots.”