True digital transformation is about transforming people and processes, not technology and tools. In this getTogether series, you'll hear from executives, entrepreneurs and educators navigating – and often shaping – the future of work.

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How to Bring Diverse Voices into Product and Business Innovation

In this episode, we talk to Kathryn Finney, an entrepreneur and the founder of digitalundivided, a ground-breaking social enterprise focused on creating a world where women own their work. Kathryn shares her firsthand perspective on the importance of bringing diverse voices into product and business innovation, as well as how her training as a Yale-educated epidemiologist has shaped her journey as an entrepreneur.

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Image of: How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation
Rocio Lorenzo, Nicole Voigt, Miki Tsusaka, Matt Krentz and Katie Abouzahr

How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

Diversity drives innovation, but what drives diversity?

The Boston Consulting Group
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EPISODE II: The Future of Mentorship

Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work
In this episode, we’re talking with Rebekah Bastian, the former VP of community and culture at Zillow, author of Blaze Your Own Trail and co-founder & CEO of OwnTrail, a site where women share their unique life and career paths. We speak about the importance of micro acts of mentorship, the benefits of bringing your authentic self to your work, and dispelling the myth of the "normal" career path. Rebekah also offers some great advice for organizations of any size looking to be more equitable and inclusive in how they support formal and informal mentorship programs.

Image of: Blaze Your Own Trail
Rebekah Bastian

Blaze Your Own Trail

“Blazing your own trail” by making decisions that are right for you sends you on your own unique journey.

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.
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EPISODE I: How to Make a City Smart

The vast majority of innovation and economic activity already happens in cities, and with rapid urbanization showing no sign of slowing down, their future is our future. In this episode, we’re talking with Jonathan Reichental, author of the best-seller Smart Cities for Dummies. Jonathan is a technologist and an educator, and he spent 7 years as the CIO of Palo Alto, California.

Image of: Smart Cities For Dummies
Jonathan Reichental

Smart Cities For Dummies

Smart cities apply people-focused technology to improve city dwellers’ quality of life.

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Andrew Savikas is the Chief Strategy Officer at getAbstract.


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Digital Transformation

You’ve used the same traditional and established workflows your entire career. They’re trustworthy and have proven useful to your company. So, why should you change anything now? Digital transformation isn’t just about the technology itself; it’s also about how technology can offer better solutions to traditional problems, enable creativity and innovation, and keep you competitive in an increasingly digital world.

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New Work
New Work

This series offers context and applicable reading material to help companies and individuals navigate the new normal and prepare for the future in three steps: Adapt, Transform, Reinvent.


Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

The biggest corporate challenge of our time has less to do with technology than with the right corporate culture.