• Our World Is Counterintuitive and Exhausting
    Our World Is Counterintuitive and Exhausting

    What saber-toothed tigers and used-cars salespeople have in common. And what that has to do with your brain and better decisions.

  • Why Big Plans Fail
    Why Big Plans Fail

    And how you can do better than Kodak, Kohl and Communism.

  • Culture Crash
    Culture Crash

    In a globalized world, we get to know each other across borders and cultural limits. Often, however, we get in our own way and thus limit our options.

  • What’s Important in 2021
    What’s Important in 2021

    2020 will go down in history as a lost cause. What can you do to prevent yourself and your organization from meeting the same fate in 2021?

  • Whaling in Nebraska
    Whaling in Nebraska

    Or: How large should teams, companies and governments grow in order to function efficiently?

  • Language Barriers
    Language Barriers

    The maintenance of our greatest cultural achievement requires constant work on our skills. You have to decide which one it’s going to be: “Ick bin ein Berliner,” or rather, “Senk you for travelling viz Deutsche…

  • Deutsche Thoroughness
    Deutsche Thoroughness

    As a German who chose to live in the United States for a while, the first thing you miss is not the good old Schwarzbrot – it’s the art of engineering.

  • Evolution Has a Thing for Wackos
    Evolution Has a Thing for Wackos

    Why people prefer conspiracy theories and mystical tales to rational science.

  • How to Find Oneself
    How to Find Oneself

    During a pandemic. At the age of 50. And without going on a pilgrimage through northern Spain.

  • How (Not) to Solve Problems
    How (Not) to Solve Problems

    A transatlantic comparison