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Here is what you’ll find on our new digital platform, why we’re launching the project, and what you can expect from it.

The idea of getAbstract is to find relevant knowledge, rate it, summarize it, and curate these summaries. Over the past twenty years, our editorial has produced more than 22,000 book and article summaries, which are now digitally available to a growing audience in more than 500 channels. But the success of our idea also has its price: a certain loss of focus due to quantity.

Most of our customers – and all those who want to become customers – ask themselves daily: What do I need to know now? What is relevant for me and my environment, be it private or business, today? To answer these questions satisfactorily, we have to put the collected knowledge of our library in the right context.

A current example may illustrate this: The acute threat of the new coronavirus, which many of you are currently facing, has decisive consequences for your life and creates uncertainty in the form of emerging gaps in knowledge. “How can I protect myself?” or “Who belongs to the risk group in case of infection?” – these are the questions almost everyone asks. But indirectly they also lead to very tangible follow-up questions, not least in the business environment: “Does a home office help with prevention?” And, if so, “How do you organize working from home so that it doesn’t create new problems?” Whereas book summaries on the course of epidemics or on virtual teams previously might have been more of a niche or “special interest,” they are now becoming highly relevant in this new context.

There are many more examples. And out of a team effort of getAbstract‘s various departments, which used to work largely separately for years, our “Journal” emerged: a platform on which our library’s accumulated knowledge is made fruitful daily – in ever-new, sometimes rapidly changing, but always relevant contexts. We do not present “news,” but the necessary background knowledge to be able to classify current news correctly.

Browse through the articles and offers! Discover new things, be amazed, learn, and laugh! It’s worth it.



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March, 4 2020 — Update: March, 10 2020