• “Everything Will Be All Right” – Hopefully
    Gundula Stoll (left): “A woman in our village, who used to sew underwear on contract, has made 100 face masks for everyone […] People have been painting, crocheting and embroidering rainbows with the tagline #andratuttobene - #everythingwillbeallright”
    “Everything Will Be All Right” – Hopefully

    Almost three weeks into the total lockdown in Italy, there may be some hopeful signs hidden in the gloom. Yet when I last wrote about the potential impact of restrictions on people’s overall health, I…

  • Locked Up and Going Loco?
    The same view of the Corso of Spoleto as last week, but in daylight. (Gundula Stoll)
    Locked Up and Going Loco?

    Today it’s day 10 of the total lockdown that has effectively turned all of Italy into a ghost country: Bars, restaurants and non-essential businesses must remain closed, and people are only allowed to leave their…

  • “Let’s Stop This Together”
    Picture from the abandoned small town of Spoleto yesterday evening 6.30 pm - actually peak time for the Passeggiata, when the Spoletini usually walk up and down the street, have an aperitivo, and above all want to see and be seen. (Gundula Stoll)
    “Let’s Stop This Together”

    Italy is the first European country affected by a large-scale coronavirus outbreak – being about eight to 10 days ahead of development in other major countries. What is the current situation on the ground? And…