Learning Technologies Awards 2022: Shortlist Nomination for Imperial Brands & getAbstract

The “June Reading Calendar” initiative earned the two teams a place on the shortlist in the “Best learning technologies project – commercial sector” category.

Learning Technologies Awards 2022 Imperial Brands & getAbstract Shortlist Nomination

In June 2021, the global consumer organization Imperial Brands partnered with getAbstract to launch a reading calendar. The initiative aimed to promote learner engagement with inspirational, easy-to-digest content. At the end of that year, it became evident that learners at Imperial Brands consumed significantly more summaries during the initiative – and kept doing so afterward. Learning at Imperial Brands also became more diverse and inclusive, specifically in terms of languages.

Fast forward to fall 2022: The jury of the Learning Technologies Awards 2022 was impressed by these results and shortlisted the initiative in their “Best learning technologies project – commercial sector” category. The two teams celebrated their achievement at the Learning Technologies Awards 2022 Gala Evening in London.

We’re very proud to represent Imperial Brands PLC as a finalist in the Learning Technology Awards last night and see our name up in lights. Thank you for the partnership, getAbstract!

Neal Harris, Global Leadership Development at Imperial Brands

Iris Peters, Customer Success Manager at getAbstract, adds: “It’s been fantastic to see how an innovative learning format like our reading calendar, with its variety of easy-to-digest and inspirational content, the accessible format, and the daily surprise factor, can drive real – and sustainable – change in employees’ learning habits.”

Both companies enjoyed celebrating the teamwork and connecting with the L&D community. Donna Johnson, Global Learning Manager at Imperial Brands, concludes:

It’s been a pleasure to work with you on this project, and wonderful that we were shortlisted. Next year for the win!

Donna Johnson, Global Learning Manager at Imperial Brands

About the “June Reading Calendar” initiative

Promoting learner engagement and breaking down language barriers were two key objectives Imperial Brands had in mind when partnering with getAbstract to launch the June Reading Calendar initiative. Every day, learners could open a “calendar door” to receive a daily getAbstract summary on a personal development topic. The calendar was available in English, Spanish, German and French, and thus reached 80% of global learners. The initiative increased learning content engagement, which was reflected in a 455% increase in summary downloads and a 183% increase in new user sign-ups. Both numbers remained high even after the initiative ended.

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December, 20 2022