getAbstract’s rebranding is award-winning

getAbstract is proud to be the recipient of two prestigious recognitions for our 2022 rebranding campaign: a shortlist nomination at the Engage B2B Awards 2022 and a “highly commended” recognition at the Transform Awards Europe 2023.  

getAbstract’s rebranding is award-winning

In April 2022, getAbstract revealed a new brand focus and visual identity.  

The rebranding campaign was aimed at telling a powerful story about getAbstract’s mission and values while conveying the differentiating attributes of the brand. The brand profile was developed to articulate the brand’s essence, highlighting its values, benefits and tonality. The new slogan, “Know Better. Do Better. In 15 minutes.” encapsulates the mission of the company. 

Visual Improvements 

Our logo – the curly bracket symbolizing summarization – was rebuilt using geometrical shapes and a grid system to make it unique and connected to the logotype.

A new, modern and vastly extended color palette was also created to represent the company’s reinvention. The updated typeface, Akkurat LL, makes the text on our platform more readable and aesthetically pleasing. Special filters and color effects were also invented to turn stock images and illustrations into the company’s vibrant modern style. 

What might not be evident from the Transform Awards Europe 2023 shortlist is that we are the only recognized brand that worked with in-house designers (and only two designers) in this category, which makes us incredibly proud of this recognition.

– Marton Hidvegi, UX & Design Lead

Measurable Results 

Along with the rebranding, getAbstract streamlined corporate messaging, enabling teams to communicate our product’s key features more consistently and create high-quality ads, offers and other sales and marketing collateral with greater efficiency.  

The improvements paid off. The modular and user-friendly design system helped us decrease implementation time by one-third.  

Meanwhile, the enhanced user experience of the website is reflected in boosted usage numbers. The average session duration increased by 21% and the average time spent on the page rose by almost 80%. Monthly engaged users increased by 8%, while the average time spent on summary pages increased by a whopping 462%. 

“Our passion is to help organizations understand the power of knowledge transformed into action. We’ve overhauled our branding to make sure that we speak to the needs and challenges of our customers and end-users. This rebranding doesn’t just represent another revamping of our brand; it represents a new philosophy of work.”

– Patricia Dietrich, Global Head of Marketing 

From communication to design, every aspect of our brand is now simple, straightforward and to the point – in line with our mission to help customers use knowledge efficiently. The measurable improvements in messaging and user-friendliness show that a well-executed rebranding campaign can have a significant impact on an organization’s success. 

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May, 17 2023