• Work Less, Earn the Same
    Andrew Barnes: The 4 Day Week. Piatkus Books, 2020.
    Work Less, Earn the Same

    How greater employee flexibility can save society, economies and the planet.

  • Sheer Daring
    Sheer Daring

    In his wonderful, compelling and disturbing debut, cultural phenomenon and magazine writer Tim Ferriss writes like an adolescent genius. His hypnotic tone, originality and rigor grab you from start. His sheer daring is manifest in his…

  • Learn from the Worst
    Richard Davies: Extreme Economies. Bantam Press (UK), 2020.
    Learn from the Worst

    Economist Richard Davies explores the lives of people in nine “extreme economies” around the globe, each tested by a radical situation or challenge. What’s to be learned from them?

  • Intimate Retelling of History
    Eric Larson: The Splendid and the Vile. Crown, 2020.
    Intimate Retelling of History

    Eric Larson’s intimate retelling of the Battle of Britain brings the nation’s rulers, aristocrats and ordinary citizens to vivid life.

  • An Enduring Dilemma
    Clayton Christensen: The Innovator's Dilemma. Harvard Business Review Press, 2010.
    An Enduring Dilemma

    Everything will eventually be disrupted, says business guru Clayton Christensen. Why does his seminal book show no signs of aging?