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What Seven Trends for the Future of Organizations Are Already Foreseeable Today?

In the Future of Work podcast, Jacob Morgan identified 14 – we’ve compressed them into seven (and added further reading suggestions).

Despite the upheavals of 2020, certain principles have remained the same – solid ground on which leaders can build winning, socially influential organizations:

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Image of: The 14 Principles of the Future Organization
Podcast Summary

The 14 Principles of the Future Organization

A futurist identifies the keys to building a winning organization in a constantly changing world.

Jacob Morgan Jacob Morgan
Read Summary

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Surfing Uncertainty

Brains can think and dream in a chaotic world because they mastered the art of prediction.

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Image of: Go Tech, or Go Extinct
Book Summary

Go Tech, or Go Extinct

To stay competitive, traditional businesses must not only become tech-savvy, but must turn into technology companies themselves.

Paul Cuatrecasas Paul Cuatrecasas Read Summary
Image of: Own Your Career Own Your Life
Book Summary

Own Your Career Own Your Life

Stop drifting through your working years; take charge of your career and start loving your life.

Andy Storch Andy Storch Read Summary
Image of: How to Sell in Place
Book Summary

How to Sell in Place

Selling in place – for example, from home – is the new normal. B2B salespeople must adapt.

Tom Searcy and Carajane Moore Tom Searcy, Carajane Moore Read Summary
Image of: Why Men Win at Work
Book Summary

Why Men Win at Work

The glass ceiling is an invisible, effective barrier that blocks women’s careers and seals in inequality.

Gill Whitty-Collins Luath Press Read Summary
Image of: Designed for Digital
Book Summary

Designed for Digital

A short and clear guide to help traditional organizations succeed at digital transformation.

Jeanne W. Ross, Martin Mocker and Cynthia M. Beath MIT Press Read Summary
Image of: How Not to Manage People
Book Summary

How Not to Manage People

Don’t become one of those horror stories about a bad boss. You can avoid common managerial mistakes.

Mike Wicks HarperCollins Leadership Read Summary
Image of: Hire Purpose
Book Summary

Hire Purpose

The public and the private sectors must prepare workers for the future.

Greg Shaw and Deanna Mulligan Columbia Business School Publishing Read Summary
Image of: Trust Factor
Book Summary

Trust Factor

Paul J. Zak explains how to build a high-performance business based on soft management and hard science.

Paul J. Zak HarperCollins Leadership Read Summary
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