“Where Does Motivation Come From?”

Even the dullest job in the world – let’s say, driving the same track over and over again as a racing car driver – can be inspiring. But why? Because inspiration follows motivation!

How do racing car drivers, successful musicians, corporate leaders and athletes sustain their motivation? By working hard, following a daily process and not relying on inspiration. Jeff Haden – an Inc. magazine contributing editor who asked all kinds of people for his new book – advises that, whatever your objective, you should define tasks every day without fail, and watch those small wins accumulate as you progress toward your goals. 

You may believe that others have greater innate willpower than you. But willpower is something you learn – no one is born with it.

As you work on your daily tasks and improve your skills, you will see yourself gaining a higher level of accomplishment in your field thanks to the routine you set up months before. How you execute incremental jobs daily is now integral to who you are. At some point, willpower will no longer play a role.

Set a goal, use it as a target that helps you create a plan…and then…forget all about that goal.

Jeff Haden

But what does that journey look like? Well, it’s as easy as this:

If you want to run a marathon, your first daily task is to run a mile.

When you achieve that, you’ll feel good.

That positivity will spur you to do it again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that.

In two weeks, you may run five miles daily.

Because you’ve run a mile each day, your improved ability will provide motivational boost. 

Successful people don’t need instant gratification, and don’t succumb to fear. They work consistently on their priorities. Defining a process and adhering to it improves your skill or ability, and that leads to success. Here, you’ll find more inspiration and advice:

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The Motivation Myth

Motivation grows from small daily successes, not flashes of inspiration.

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