“How Do I Innovate Out of Chaos?”

Some of the most successful companies in the United States started up during recessions, including Burger King, Disney and Fortune magazine. Is this the turning point for smaller but daring companies to make their mark?

So, you’re currently rethinking workplace practices, trying out new technologies and learning to manage remote teams? You are not alone! But maybe you want to step up to become one of those companies taking advantage of chaos to innovate change?

If so, you need to find clusters of things that indicate a trend: your customers all of a sudden asking for the same thing, or several people suggesting the same new service idea. Look for patterns. Every splash creates “ripples of opportunity.” These kinds of patterns are predictable. For instance, “divergence” means that when a new idea succeeds, it creates demand for whatever is the opposite.

  • Foster the ability to identify trends in your own business by creating a group to keep track of various trends.
  • Go on a “trend safari” by looking at something outside your own business to find insights.
  • See what others do in another industry that’s different and bring it back to your own business.

You can find more ideas on how to innovate out of chaos here:

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How to Innovate and Create the Future

Chaos is the mother of innovation.

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