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“Does Commitment to Kindness Mean You Have to Accept Poor Treatment?”

No. It means you can hold on to your boundaries without becoming angry.

Choosing to act with kindness is no more difficult than acting unkindly – but deliberate kindness makes a difference.

Entrepreneur and speaker Franziska Iseli pondered this and dug deep into her life experiences during a multiyear motorcycle journey. For instance, when Iseli chose to respond to a car rental employee’s bad attitude with kindness, the woman’s demeanor changed.

Here are six ways to encourage kindness, according to Iseli:

  1. Believe the best of people – Even if others act poorly, assume they are having a bad moment, rather than that they are bad people.
  2. Help others succeed – Do what you can to make someone else’s life or job easier.
  3. Avoid judgment – Assigning blame helps nothing and no one.
  4. “Pick your flavor” – Different “flavors” of kindness are appropriate at different times. Sometimes, simply being a kind presence is sufficient.
  5. Lead by example – Act with kindness to inspire other people to do likewise.
  6. Practice – Choose kindness regularly, and it will become a habit.

Learn to be kind to yourself by practicing the all-important step of accepting imperfection as a fact of life. By acknowledging that “everything is imperfect,” you free yourself to act boldly. You won’t fear failure or “not being good enough.”

On her journey, Iseli delved into the ways you can harness your courage to “open your heart.” Being kind is one way you can express your courage and intentions in life. Read about the other ways in her book:

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The Courage Map

Are you ready to unlock the courage within you and embrace a life of meaning and adventure?

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