“When It Comes to Innovation, How Do I Balance ‘Core’ Versus ‘New’ Priorities?”

Too often, companies have either a culture that supports rank and hierarchy – which is good for executing projects – or one that supports innovation – which favors new products. Can your company do a good job of supporting both?

The old-school approach to managing change is to show videos, hold conferences and try to teach innovation, but the scientific approach recommends creating the context that fosters the change you want to see.

So, if it’s true that companies that invest in proper incentives for every worker gain a major strategic advantage, why don’t you try to “weaponize” HR?

Here is why you might need a Chief Incentive Officer:

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How to Nurture Crazy Ideas That Save the World

As firms grow, rewards for employee change. Figuring out how to inspire workers is your secret weapon.

Jacob Morgan and Safi Bahcall The Future Organization
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