How Do I Grapple With Complex, Chaotic Problems?

Solving big social problems requires “advanced leaders.” Never heard of this? Well, you might not yet be one of them.

Conventional leadership functions within the parameters of institutions, such as big business, the academic establishment, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations. But over time, these institutions erect constraints and boundaries by generating conventional wisdom, enshrining procedures and insulating themselves in silos.

That makes them ineffective at addressing complex systems problems because such issues don’t limit themselves to one area: They sprawl across communities and national borders, and they ignore the divisions among industries, organizations and professional fields.

Only “advanced leaders” with an entrepreneurial attitude, a predilection for innovative thinking, a willingness to improvise and a knack for building coalitions among diverse stakeholders can master these new challenges.

If you want to become one, follow Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s clear manual:

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Think Outside the Building

Solving today’s complex social problems requires a new skill: “advanced leadership.”

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