“How Do I Increase My Consciousness?”

You want to make deliberate choices rather than relying on emotional habits? Here is how to do it!

In Mastering Adulthood, psychologist Lara E. Fielding offers a map of the path to adulthood and teaches readers how to gain new skills that can ease disquieting or stressful feelings.

People often develop habits to make life easier and then forget why they adopted them in the first place. Fielding suggests using mindfulness to detect and address these, because mindfulness helps you increase your consciousness so you can make deliberate choices rather than relying on emotions.

Five strategies underlie the use of mindfulness:

  1. Learn to examine the link between what you feel internally and the external events in your life.
  2. Train yourself not to react to what you feel internally.
  3. Don’t judge what you experience.
  4. When you act, do so consciously.
  5. Learn to describe or define what you experience.

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Mastering Adulthood

Practicing mindfulness helps you form better habits and reframe past events that still provoke anxiety.

Lara E. Fielding New Harbinger Publications
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