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“As a Manager, How Can I Learn a ‘Hands Off’ Approach?”

(without having my anxiety go through the roof in the process).

In the current climate, leaders with a tendency toward micromanaging their staff are being forced to take a different approach. With homeworking now widespread, managing staff from one home office to another calls for a completely different style! Letting others get on with their work – even if this idea may violate the principles you were taught at university decades ago – may seem impossible to you. But here is some important news: No one likes micromanagers.

Here is why: They are petty dictators. They constantly interfere with their employees. They waste everyone’s time. They hurt morale. They reduce productivity. They make staffers’ lives hellish. Perhaps you don’t identify with being one yourself? This book will put you straight:

Image of: My Way or the Highway
Book Summary

My Way or the Highway

Micromanagers ruin productivity, drive their direct reports crazy and make the office a dismal hellhole. Are you one?

Harry E. Chambers Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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Maybe it’s even worse: Micromanagement crushes employees’ souls and robs corporations of creative insights. So if a promotion makes you feel like control is slipping from your grasp, heed Chieh Huang’s advice: Don’t micromanage – trust.

Konnte keinen Inhalt finden.

Perhaps it’s your own stress that could be contributing to your management style? Here’s some special advice on how to be calm under pressure:

Image of: How To Be Calm Under Pressure
Article Summary

How To Be Calm Under Pressure

How can you keep calm in stressful situations? A man whose job it is to defuse bombs – sometimes while underwater – shares his secrets.

Eric Barker Barking Up The Wrong Tree
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For ideas on a new approach, and how to get the best from your staff, read this, calm down and become your own mentor.

Image of: The Hands-Off Manager
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The Hands-Off Manager

How to manage with less stress and increase the performance and creativity of your staff.

Steve Chandler and Duane Black Career Press
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