“How Can I Combat Loneliness as a Remote Worker?”

Admit to and be pro-active about your feelings of loneliness.

When working from home, feelings of loneliness may start to creep up. No mingling with colleagues at the coffee machine; no friendly “hellos” as you make your way to the printer; no chats about new TV shows, your dog or the latest fitness craze. You look up from your computer screen, and it’s…quiet. In an engaging video talk, intrepid entrepreneur Marie Forleo offers eight tips to cope with loneliness while working from home.

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8 Tips to Overcome Loneliness When Working from Home

Working from home can offer ultimate freedom, but the price to pay is staggering isolation.

Marie Forleo MarieTV
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Loneliness, however, does not just afflict those working from home. Even if surrounded by people, many employees quietly struggle with feelings of loneliness at work. Emma Mamo of the mental health charity Mind offers advice on how co-workers can help each other in talking about how they feel. So if you feel lonely, chances are others do as well. Working from home should not be a barrier for reaching out to your co-workers. That’s what video calls are for, after all.  

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How to Combat the Rise of Workplace Loneliness

Would you choose a high-paying job where you felt shunned by your co-workers – or a lower-paying job where you felt welcomed and accepted?

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