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“How Do I Convince My Relatives and Colleagues to Take Social Distancing Seriously?”

One uncomfortable situation, three ways to get out of it.

You may still find yourself wondering what social distancing is supposed to look like on a day-to-day basis. In this article, Maria Goody and Allison Aubrey gather actionable advice from relevant experts. They explain how best to handle essential trips like grocery runs, and they also cover how to support lonely older relatives, bored kids and failing local businesses.

Image of: It’s Time to Get Serious About Social Distancing. Here’s How.
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It’s Time to Get Serious About Social Distancing. Here’s How.

How much isolation is enough isolation?

Maria Godoy and Allison Aubrey 1E9
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Now that you know how it works, you should inform your nearest and dearest and convince them to follow the rules. You earn opposition? No problem: here you will learn how to convince others of your position.

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Persuasion Equation

The first rule of persuasion: If you’re not persuaded about the idea you’re advocating, you will never persuade anyone else.

Mark Rodgers AMACOM
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7 Secrets of Persuasion

To understand the art of persuasion, ask cognitive science for guidance in dealing with the lizard mind.

James C. Crimmins Career Press
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Get People to Do What You Want

Use tactics from a former Army interrogator to persuade, question, interpret and understand other people.

Gregory Hartley and Maryann Karinch Career Press
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And a few more (for those who need it):

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Learn to captivate, convince and coax your audience.

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