“What Are Future Society’s Biggest Challenges?”

The climate crisis, migration, artificial intelligence – these are just some of the challenges our kids will be grappling with.

Predicting the future remains a tricky business. Yet based on current observations, business advisers Andrew Winston ventures out to offer his view on where global society may be heading this decade in The World in 2030: Nine Megatrends to Watch. According to Winston, the most defining social issues include rapid urbanization, a growing ageing population, and technology shifts that will leave no aspect of people’s daily lives untouched.

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The World in 2030

Nine current trends will come to define the world in 2030.

Andrew S. Winston MIT Sloan Management Review
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In The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class, Guy Standing sheds light on a frequently overlooked aspect of globalization: the creation of a new underclass of migrant short-term workers. Finding ways to integrate this new class into mainstream society will be important to maintaining social peace in the future, he writes.

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The Precariat

As Professor Guy Standing warns, a new social, political and cultural class has arrived worldwide – the underemployed, alienated and enraged.

Guy Standing Bloomsbury
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Rising sea levels are an inevitable result of the climate crisis, drowning coastal cities, displacing hundreds of millions of people and causing trillions of dollars in damage. Journalist Jeff Goodell traveled widely to understand this unfolding catastrophe and to find out what it will mean for coastal residents around the world.

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The Water Will Come

As ancient ice sheets melt rapidly, rising seas will swamp the world’s coastal cities.

Jeff Goodell Little, Brown & Company
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Human design will become the new driver of evolution and life, argues historian Yuval Harari in a stunning talk. To avoid grim possibilities, data need regulation – and not by politicians, but by scientists, poets, thinkers and lawyers.

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Homo Deus

Bestseller Yuval Noah Harari believes modern society is sowing the seeds of its own destruction.

Yuval Noah Harari HarperCollins
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