“How Can I Avoid Technology’s Negative Impacts?”

Technology is stealing our time, robbing us of sleep and hurting our personal relationships. It’s time to take back control of our lives.

The push to network, tweet, respond quickly and multitask pushes us toward shallow work. That’s dangerous, writes computer science professor Cal Newport, expounding the importance of highly focused, concentrated work to produce results that count.  

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Deep Work

You don’t succeed by answering emails quickly. You succeed by regularly practicing deep work.

Cal Newport Grand Central
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“Digital anthropologist” Brian Solis has developed a framework for recapturing your focus, rekindling your creative spark, and igniting a deep sense of purpose and well-being. His “Lifescale method” will help you become more resilient to the barrage of distractions that the digital age has brought upon us.

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Protect your time, focus and energy from distraction with the Lifescale method for creative living.

Brian Solis Wiley
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Your don’t need to ditch your digital devices altogether to be more happy and creative. Instead, balance screen time with time spent in nature. In The Nature Fix, Florence Williams presents compelling research on the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors.  

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The Nature Fix

Learn why a walk in the woods boosts your health, creativity and happiness. Yes, just a walk in the woods.

Florence Williams W.W. Norton
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