“Does Rising Inequality Pose a Threat to Social Peace?”

Globalization has fuelled inequality in most of the world’s advanced economies, exacerbating the risks of social divisions.

In Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism, political scientist Ian Bremmer outlines how global economic, political and technological developments are driving social divisions worldwide. To give voice to their grievances, people who feel globalization has failed them may embrace nationalism or rail against wealthy elites. He urges governments to address these “us vs. them” dynamics by redefining their relationships with citizens.

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Us vs. Them

Globalism’s ongoing economic, political and technological developments are dividing humanity.

Ian Bremmer Portfolio
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In The New Feudalism, Anand Giridharadas laments how the world’s ultra-rich are increasingly setting the agenda on what and how social issues are to be tackled. Through their foundations and initiatives, they are defining how to shape education, which diseases to fight, and how to tackle poverty. In a democracy, he contends, money alone should not determine who gets to solve society’s problems.

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The New Feudalism

Welcome to the “new feudalism,” an age where tech billionaires and hedge fund managers set public policy.

Anand Giridharadas and Rob Johnson Institute for New Economic Thinking
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