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“The Boss Knows Best, Right?”

Well, strictly “top down” still may work in website menus, but not in digitalized business-structures.

At getAbstract, we are constantly “unbossing” the company, so the question seems a little strange to us. You don’t know what unbossing is? Take a look:

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Learn how to manage organizations in a knowledge-based economy.

Lars Kolind and Jacob Bøtter Jyllands-Postens Forlag
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Even those who don’t want to take such a radical approach may realize that behind the nice catchphrase “more agile” there has to be some kind of unboss process at the end. And, well, yes, there are good reasons for this: Overloading your knowledge workers isn’t the path to organizational success, say the authors of this MIT Sloan Management Review article. Prevent the inefficiencies and chaos of chronically piled-up work and strained staffers by embracing “pull thinking.” Here is how it works:

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Breaking Logjams in Knowledge Work

Knowledge workers can fight overload by taking a lesson from US manufacturing.

Sheila Dodge, Don Kieffer and Nelson P. Repenning MIT Sloan Management Review
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