“How Can I Build a True Learning Culture at my Organization?”

Goals: technology-enabled, self-directed, online, social, outcomes-oriented, measurable through …what?

Obviously, you are looking for a brief, solid overview of why organizations must adapt so they can offer learning in a faster, more disruptive business environment, and how modern management practices can help them do so.

Here we go.

Image of: Minds at Work
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Minds at Work

A concise, nonprescriptive overview of how to implement a true learning culture.

David Grebow and Stephen J. Gill ATD Publications
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Furthermore, with near unlimited, often free and frequently high-quality learning available – everywhere and anytime – active learners no longer need to wait for corporate training. That’s why leaders must support self-directed and peer learning by investing in practices and technologies that empower employees to manage their own learning and career goals. Learn more here:

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The Expertise Economy

Take a visionary look at what workplace learning can and should do, where it is, and where it’s going.

Kelly Palmer and David Blake Nicholas Brealey
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