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“Am I the Only One Who Finds it Hard to Build Good Relationships with People from Other Cultures?”

No. This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the (business) world.

A German human resources manager arrives right on time for your meeting, but the Nigerian executive is 20 minutes late. Your Japanese hosts invite you out for a night of drinking – do you have to go in order to do business? Feedback from a candid French manager leaves you in tears, but feedback from an oblique English boss leaves you mystified as to what it means.

Cultural differences often determine what someone views as acceptable workplace behavior. Knowing and respecting these differences is crucial in today’s global environment. The following “culture map” offers eight comparative scales to help you work more congenially and respectfully with people from other cultures:

Image of: The Culture Map
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The Culture Map

Wherever you are, doing as the natives do drives success in a global world. And when in doubt, watch and listen.

Erin Meyer Public Affairs
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And always keep in mind…

Image of: The Business Imperative of Diversity
Article Summary

The Business Imperative of Diversity

Achieving and maintaining diversity is easier said than done, but making the effort will likely pay off.

Miki Tsusaka, Christian Greiser, Matt Krentz and Martin Reeves The Boston Consulting Group
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