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“How Do I Use Data to Make Better Decisions?”

Well, depends on the area of application within your company. Some advice (and a warning) for marketing, HR, management and the boardroom.

How can technology support marketing in the digital era? Here, you will learn what marketing was, what it is becoming and how to harness what it can be – a blueprint for companies to move from the world of slow legacy systems to the flexible integration of high-speed data.

Image of: Data Driven
Book Summary

Data Driven

Learn from the experts how technology can support marketing in the digital era.

Tom Chavez, Chris O’Hara and Vivek Vaidya McGraw-Hill Education
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You want to focus on implementing data analytics within HR? This convincing, efficient, well-told book could change the mind of even the most fervent opponent about the value of data analytics for HR and at the corporate level:

Image of: The Data Driven Leader
Book Summary

The Data Driven Leader

HR professionals who want to influence the bottom line must embrace people analytics.

Jenny Dearborn and David Swanson Wiley
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Looking for insights and guidance to anyone who – ready or not – must guide a company through the data driven digital revolution? We got you covered:

Image of: Digital @ Scale
Book Summary

Digital @ Scale

McKinsey consultants Anand Swaminathan and Jürgen Meffert tell you all you need to know to go digital.

Anand Swaminathan and Jürgen Meffert Wiley
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You like it more dense, highly technical and extremely detailed? Here is some expert advice to CTOs and CIOs charged with managing rapid change – especially those revamping legacy systems into digital platforms (and technology leaders, IT project managers and IT business analysts will also benefit).

Image of: Driving Digital
Book Summary

Driving Digital

This technical detailed guide to digital transformation offers valuable guidance for corporate IT projects.

Isaac Sacolick AMACOM
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Despite all the excitement around data and what to do with it, remember that data:

  1. can only depict what has already happened. To draw conclusions for the future from data is speculative and sometimes misleading.
  2. should never replace direct customer and employee contact. Where this happens, serious problems are inevitable, as Eric Solomon, who held senior-level marketing roles at YouTube, Spotify, Google, and Instagram, points out in Entrepreneur.

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