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“What Does Digital Transformation Mean for My Career?”

Not only are business models disrupted, but also jobs and ways of working.

These days, many young people ask: Which jobs will still be there when I enter professional life? The bad news: One simply can’t answer that question in two sentences, because globalization and robotics progress together rapidly, transforming the white-collar sector even more than globalization transformed the blue-collar sectors we used to read about in our school textbooks.

However, it seems certain that especially “telemigration” and “telepresence” will fundamentally change the way we work: Robotics will displace or eliminate many white-collar jobs faster than replacement jobs can be created. But, on the other hand, jobs that require “social intelligence” will be in higher demand as AI replaces automated data processing. In his recent book, economist Richard Baldwin gives useful advice on how to prepare today for the working world of tomorrow:

Image of: The Globotics Upheaval
Book Summary

The Globotics Upheaval

A “globot” is coming for your white-collar job.

Richard Baldwin Oxford UP
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But let’s be honest: Even if you’re not competing with “Globots” in the future (or already?), AI will probably be on your toes. Wouldn’t it be good to know how close? Find out here:

Image of: What Jobs Are Affected by AI?
Article Summary

What Jobs Are Affected by AI?

New research suggests unexpected effects of artificial intelligence on the labor market.

Mark Muro Brookings Institution
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As you can see: In the current chaos of interpretation around digital transformation, many people are longing for clever ideas and good recipes for change management. So why not make a “virtue” out of “necessity” – and go ahead yourself. Here is how:

Image of: Your Digital Transformation Career Guide
Article Summary

Your Digital Transformation Career Guide

Gain a helpful roadmap for success as a transformation manager.

Rob Llewellyn CXO Transform
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Time for the good news, now! When it comes to desk jobs, can robots compete? Absolutely not, avers Amy LaViers, a movement analyst and director of the Robotics, Automation and Dance Lab at the University of Illinois. According to LaViers, even the lowliest desk clerk does things every day that robots can only dream of – if robots could dream.

Image of: Sure, It Can Backflip – But Can a Robot Hold Down a Desk Job?
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Sure, It Can Backflip – But Can a Robot Hold Down a Desk Job?

If a robot tried to take on a desk job, it would probably get fired.

Amy LaViers Aeon
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