Ruben’s Reading Recommendation

Ruben, one of getAbstract’s IT gurus, recommends an enlightening book that will make you see your online behavior with new eyes.

Ruben’s Reading Recommendation
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Data Crush by Chris Surdak won getAbstract’s International Book of the Year in 2014 and with good reason. Big Data are two words that are seemingly everywhere. It’s the vast amounts of data that we now have access to thanks to the internet and social media.

Our online behavior is being tracked constantly, every click, every like and every page you view is tracked and catalogued. While this brings up a lot of troublesome questions for individuals, companies must use this information and leverage it to predict consumer behavior and, ultimately, succeed in their market.

But what does that really mean? Surdak points out that not all information is created equal. “In the first 30 years of the Internet, content was king. Now, content is passé. Context, a person or object’s place in space and time, is the new king,” he says in an interview with getAbstract. “Context companies are the dominant players, and new innovators such as Uber, Airbnb, Simple Bank or Waze are context engines. These companies track our context, and that of the things we want, and put the two together. Context is the path towards wealth in the digital age”

What Ruben says about Data Crush

As an IT expert, I enjoyed this book because it covers the current trend in IT. Chris Surdak expertly explains the four drivers – pervasiveness, connectedness, data enablement and context – that are increasing data production. He also uses examples of near-futuristic scenarios to describe how big data will change our lives.

I recommend this book to every IT specialist out there who doesn’t want to miss this technological revolution. This book will help you jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late!


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